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Virtual Learning

Missouri Course Access Program (MOCAP) is made available to Missouri students through the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) as a way to offer virtual learning courses to Missouri students. In 2018, Missouri state law was amended to require all school districts to advertise and make available information regarding the right to virtual learning to students.

MOCAP lists all courses available on the DESE website. Students interested in taking virtual courses should contact the school district building administrator for more information. If it is in the best educational interest of the student, and the school district has approved the students enrollment in the course in accordance with School Policy; The school district will pay for the approved virtual course(s).

Parents of interested students can learn more about virtual learning options by contacting the building administrator.

A list of MOCAP courses and providers can be found at 

Virtual Learning Resources

Swedeborg Elementary will provide Chromebooks to all students who are participating in virtual learning. Additional technology resources can be checked from the school for those families with students in extended virtual learning or lack internet services. Please contact the school office for additional information.  

Swedeborg Elementary has partnered with LAUNCH to provide virtual learning options for parents. To find out more about LAUNCH, please visit

LAUNCH will be a semester-long enrollment. Once enrolled for the Fall Semester, students will be required to stay enrolled in online learning until the Spring semester begins.

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