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Elementary SPED/Title Teacher

Job Title: Elementary SPED/ Title Teacher
Reports To: Principal
Supervises: Para-professionals, students
Job Goal: To provide a quality instructional program for students in a safe, orderly, and positive school environment.
Performance Responsibilities:
1. Implement board and administration policies.
2. Guide students in the learning process to achieve learning objectives.
3. Create a safe, orderly, and positive environment for learning.
4. Maintain good discipline in the classroom, in the school, and at school activities.
5. Be a good role model for students and peers.
6. Participate in curriculum development and revision.
7. Serve on advisory and study committees/teams.
8. Participate in the district's assessment program.
9. Accurately keep; and report necessary records such as student progress, grades, and attendance.
10. Seek to develop communication and cooperation between the home and school.
11. Strive for good working relationships with other staff members.
12. Participate in the evaluation of school programs and policies.
13. Participate in professional development activities.
14. Participate in professional organizations.
15. Provide specially designed instruction, as needed according to each child's needs and as per each student's IEP.
16. Participates as a member of multidisciplinary teams, eligibility staffing teams, IEP teams, and other teams as needed.
17. Maintains, submits all required records, forms, notices, etc. pertaining to caseload management in a timely, accurate manner, as required by administration and/or DESE.
18. Follow all requirements set forth by DESE and district board policies.
19. Perform other duties as assigned by administration.
Terms of employment: Nine month contract, salary and work year to be established by the board.
Evaluation: Performance of this job will be evaluated by the principal in accordance with provisions of district board policy.