Swedeborg  Elementary School

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Teachers & Staff

 School Closing Information

We will notify the public as soon as possible with the needed information.

Radio Stations:




KJEL (Lebanon)



Television Channels:




Channel 10 


Swedeborg Teachers & Staff


Head Administrator:  Doug Jacobson...   [email protected]


Assistant Administrator :  Susan Cargill...   [email protected]

Custodian/Bus Driver:  Claudene Wilson...


Cook:  Miss Heather... 


Preschool / Kindergarten:  Rebeka White ...... [email protected]  


1st - 2nd grades:  Amanda Ament .....        [email protected]


Mathematics 3rd - 8th grades:  Adreanne Black...    [email protected]


English Language Arts 3rd - 8th grades:  Kristi Cargill..    [email protected]


Science/ Social Studies 3rd - 8th grades:  Sara Verscha.    [email protected]

Special Education Dir.  & Counselor           Nancy Watts     [email protected]


Special Education:  Laura Dickey...   [email protected]rgpanthers.org


Title Service & Technology:  Mark Sasfy...   [email protected]


Art...Paula Cox...   [email protected]


PE:  Traci [email protected]


Music/ Media:  Amyjill Aufdenkamp...   [email protected]


Swedeborg School Board

President...Charles Boren

Vice President...Lucas Gibson

Chris Black

Judy Moss

Libby Poulson

Joe Cargill

LeAnn Huey